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What is YADAY?

‌YADAY team started implementing and developing the product in the summer of 2019 with the aim of becoming a next generation university.

These days, the common model of education that puts all people in the same framework despite the differences in the level of skills, interests, talents, and needs causes a loss of motivation, cost, and time for them.

As a result, education is moving towards being targeted for the real needs of individuals and micro-learning.

What we do in YADAY is to develop a platform for learning management and teaching targeted learning and micro-learning.

What are the main features of YADAY?

YADAY is a platform for covering all needs of the education field, both online or in person. So far, the following features have been developed on the YADAY:

  • Organizing and holding online events and classes without the need for any additional software

  • Capability to conduct business meetings, webinars, online conferences and live broadcasts of the event

  • Capability to send a special invitation for guests and speakers

  • Define Event series

  • Define and manage multiple holder

  • Transfer credit within YADAY platform between other accounts or holders

  • Create Resume

What is the vision and Mission of YADAY?

These features are a small part of YADAY's development plan that has been done so far.

YADAY's ultimate goal is to become a next-generation university and create a management platform for different models and educational content is the form of a social network based on blockchain.